We are the Schmidts!

We believe in raising children and animals out on the land…exploring the woods, and roaming the pastures.
Glen Mary is a 200 acre farm along the St. Mary’s River. Established in 1654, Glen Mary was and is still striving to be a pasture based farm.

Our Vision

We are so glad you have taken an interest in our farm. We are passionate about producing great tasting healthy food for our family and yours.


We do this by providing our animals with the environment in which they were meant to live and thrive. Our cattle graze on grass, our pigs dig and root up the woodlands and our chickens forage and roam freely.

By making animal welfare and quality a life a priority, our national ecosystem thrives. We use a balanced and diverse farming system which includes careful livestock rotation, mob grazing and symbiotic species sequencing. In other words, good old fashioned farming, being good stewards of the land and raising animals in their natural environment.

PHONE: 240-925-7171


46788 Glen Mary Farm Road
Park Hall MD 20667


Park Hall MD 20667

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